Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be That Way; A Handbook for the Helping Professional

Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be That Way is the complete guide to divorce counseling for therapists and others who want to give healthy support to clients throughout the divorce process. With its emphasis on family centered, non-adversarial approaches, this book features practical step-by-step intervention procedures for all key elements of the process, from decision to legal issues.

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Key Chapters

How Might Things Have Gone Differently?

Divorce Is a Process
Helping Principles
Helping the Individual
Domestic Abuse
Parenting and Divorce
Parental Alienation
Children and Divorce
The Legal Process and the Players
Avoiding the Traps

Interview Questions for Assessing Domestic Violence
Developmental Issues and Parenting Plan Guidelines

Why This Book?

  • Helpers sometimes think they are helping divorcing individuals and families when they are not.
  • Helpers are not always familiar with the process of divorce and available alternatives.
  • Helpers are often not aware of the legal and ethical dilemmas inherent in working with separating and divorcing families.