Divorce Services

Jane Appell, Ph.D. has twenty years of exerience working with separating, divorced and remarried indivduals and families, including those embroiled in high conflict legal and post-divorce dynamics. She offers a variety of specialized services to assist clients and professionals working with conflicted child custody cases. These include the following:

  • Parenting Coordination: Mediation/arbitration model to assist separated or divorced parents to communicate and resolve disputes.
  • Child Custody Mediation: Work with parents to facilitate the development of a parenting plan.
  • Divorce Coaching: Assistance in navigating the divorce process, on an individual basis or as part of a collaborative law team.
  • Child Custody Evaluations: Court ordered forensic investigation and/or evaluation of issues related to child custody.
  • Consultation: Consultation to attorneys, service professionals, and individuals regarding case management.
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  • Expert Testimony: Court testimony regarding issues related to children and divorce. Expertise in child custody evaluations and parental alienation.
  • Parent Education & Guidance: Consultation to parents to assist them to facilitate children’s post divorce adjustment.
  • Step-parent Counseling: Assistance in adjusting to a new family and managing the complex dynamics of re-marriage, dealing with ex-spouses, and managing the complexities of parenting step-children.
  • Reunification Therapy: Intervention to strengthen parent child bonds when children have been cut off from a parent.